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The new -and novel- Twitter’s functionality

Twitter_MomentsIt becomes to be usual for Twitter to implement new functionalities that ends in anyway the restrictions that made famous this social network. If a few months ago they removed the character restrictions in direct messages and they add the posibility of comment in 116 characters the retweets, now you will be able to follow some contents even you don’t follow the users who talk about it. This will be possible thanks to “Moments”, a new tab that will permit to follow in real time events or news which are being trend at that time. Thanks to this tool, when a user decides to follow this “moments”, will appear automatically in his timeline all interventions related to the topic, no matters who shares it; once the event had ended, user won’t receive those users actualizations anymore.

“Moments” have been thought to make more notorious some contents y it also aims to make easier the following of important topics, so it has a strongly audiovisual component and contents will be sorted in a more intuitive way than traditional timeline chronology.

There is no doubt that it is a powerfull functionality for marketers, who will be able to perceive much easier trends, events ans conversations with interest for them.