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Streaming on Twitter


The coolest app for video streaming calls Periscope and aspires to become the best tool for the dissemination of events through Twitter. If you don’t already know what are we talking about, get started, because since it came out in April for IOS and somewhat later for Android, it eads the ranking of applications for broadcasting live video and is becoming the new favorite communication channel for brands. Media from around the world had been using for some time alternatives such as Meerkat, to provide real-time video to his followers, especially in hot topics such as social unrest. But Twitter Inc. buying Periscope in January and its subsequent launch has marked a turning point in social streaming.

Periscope is a very useful and intuitive app that opens enormous possibilities in the broadcasting of events on Twitter, because not only let your followers in the social network to connect directly to your event -mobile or web version-, but also offers the chance to watch the videos during the following 24 hours after the conclusion of the event or even to stream privately (two benefits that other similar apps don’t have). So now, aren’t you having a thousand of ideas to harness the potential of Periscope on your advertising strategies?