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Is healthcare advertising more conservative than others?

Creativity in healthcare advertisingIt’s a common topic when talking about healthcare advertising, but it’s nothing more than a false myth. Creativity is so present in a campaign for pharma industry than in FMCG. What is different is target, media and strategies, but not the passion for doing something really good and innovative to help clients to get their goals. Even in healthcare is not the same to work for OTC than Prescription, but here is also possible to raise very powerful and innovative campaigns.

Just take a look at Iberoamerican Advertising Awards Aspid Health and Pharmacy to check the deployment of creativity that advertising agencies made year after year.In Bubblegum Health we know that when a product is likely to have a great creativity, will have it.

It is not a question, therefore, about the area in which we work, but it is about being able to identify the strategy to follow for a particular product. Being innovate and creative is not incompatible with rigor and thoroughness, so it is important for agencies –and for Marketing teams in companies- to have the intuition to identify the best recipe to success. Of course, the recipe usually has some common ingredients: full understanding with the client, a comprehensive research work and lots of creativity. Then, the pink seasoning is what makes the difference ;)