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Are your sales reps using iPad properly?


Spanish doctors are in a really good position in technology. It will surprise some of you, but the “mHealth App Developer Economy 2015” by Research2Guidance reveals it. We know that doctors already see the tablet as a standard tool of the visit. The parade of sales reps with an iPad in the consultations is evident. But if you inquire a little, you can reach a simple conclusion that is often overlooked: tablet is not the tool, content must be it. This is where many applications for medical visit fail.

Is your app interesting for doctors, pharmacists, nurses…? Does it meet their expectations? And for the sales reps? Does it provide value to their work? Here are 6 keys to help you assess whether your digital strategy for the sales network is adequate:


  • iPad is not a PDF: depends on the visit, but ideally you should create a story which makes physician to remember what the sales rep has told him. The simpler the better.


  • Sales rep can’t do a visit with iPad without receiving specific training. It’s not about getting a tablet and let’s talk. Until they receive a properly training, you’re not getting all the performance you could.


  • Adaptable and accessible content: visits last few seconds, sometimes minutes. The app should allow the delegate to perform both types of visits and have an useful navigability to easy change the storytelling if circumstances permit it. The two questions should be planned when writing content.


  • Visual Content: physician wants to know how your product will make a difference in the illness of his patient. Take advantage of audiovisual tools to show it as real as possible. And of course, with no audio!


  • Customization: technology opens up endless opportunities for personalize visits. Take advantage of it so that your sales rep can offer every prescriptor exactly what they want to hear.


  • Return: almost all platforms (Veeva, Proscape, Agnitio, Cegedim …) allow you to know precisely what interest most the physician, ie, to collect information on the visit about what they think. You know it, but your agency… Do they also know how to ask to reach this information?


This article was originally published in PM Farma.